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Joint Board/Strategic Planning Committee Meeting April 14
Joint Board/Strategic Planning Committee Meeting April 14

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education and the Strategic Planning Committee will hold a joint meeting Tuesday,  April 14 from 3-9 p.m.Xổ số Thị trưởng Sakae at the Delisle Options Center, 14780 Superior Road, Cleveland Heights.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the key implications of stakeholders’ input and District ‘hard’ data to identify top desired results that the District would like to accomplish over the next five years.

The District assembled a Strategic Planning Committee earlier in the year to enlist feedback from students, teachers, staff and community and civic members, about the direction the District should take to plot its future.

Small group facilitated discussions, a large community meeting in MarchXổ số Thị trưởng Sakae and three online surveys were used to solicit input from the community, District students, teachers and staff.

The community is welcome to attend the Tuesday, April 14 meeting at Delisle.