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District’s Five-Year Strategic Plan Already Creating Change

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Feb. 4, 2016 -- After nearly a year of study, dialogue, and analysis, the CH-UH School District completed its Five-Year Strategic Plan in the fall of 2015, but administrators, teachers, and staff have wasted no time putting the plan into action. Barely three months after completion, the Plan has already been updated with completed action steps and progress reports.

The full plan, available at the links above, is an expansive and comprehensive document, encompassing goals, objectives and strategies, detailed action steps and performance measures designed to improve nearly every aspect of District operations.

“Our Strategic Plan is designed to ensure that all of our policies and practices are aligned with pursuing our mission: ensuring that all our students are prepared for educational and career pursuits upon graduation,” said Dr. Talisa Dixon, CH-UH Schools Superintendent.

As part of the Strategic Plan development, the District committed to providing regular progress reports and updates on the implementation of the Plan. The 2016 mid-year updates include:

Goal 1: Student Outcomes

  • Developing intervention initiatives to target and support at-risk students. (Goal 1, Objective 1, Strategy B, Step 1)
  • Completed Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) evaluations (Goal 1, Objective 2, Strategy A, Step 2)
  • Enhanced the roles of counselors to maintain the focus on rigor, relevance and relationships to close the achievement gap.
  • Redefined the roles and purpose of social workers in aligning targeted services to support the needs of students and families.
  • Expanded the role of school psychologists to support students with mental health and prevention.
  • Implemented new K-2 reading program, SuperKids, in the elementary schools.
Goal 2: Educational Approach
  • Converted all CTE programs from “programs” to “courses” and fully aligned with Ohio’s K-12 graduation requirements. (Goal 2, Objective 5, Strategy A, Step 4)
  • In order to support 9th grade students with insufficient credits and 8th grade students failing one or more courses, CTE exploration study will offer career-based training. (Goal 2, Objective 5, Strategy B, Step 3
  • Recurring reports produced quarterly and at semester to review progress on student grades, attendance, and office referrals implemented used to address equitable enforcement of policies and grades.(Goal 2, Objective 3, Strategy A, Action Step 2)
  • Partner with EOS Schools to increase equity in AP courses at CHHS (Goal 2, Objective 1, Strategy A, Step 3 and 4)
  • Implementing full day pre-schools at Noble and Oxford (2016) to increase the number of students prepared for Kindergarten. (Goal 2, Objective 6, Strategy A, Step 1)
Goal 3: Parent and Community Engagement, Partnerships and Communication
  • Following an “integrated marketing” strategy for social media posting, engagement rates on Facebook and Twitter have increased markedly. A rise in Facebook and Twitter followers by 14% and 18%, respectively, surpasses the initial goal of increasing social media followers by 5%. (Goal 3, Objective 3, Strategy A, Step 5)
  • A Community Partnership Forum was held on October 20, 2015, concluding with the completion of electronic surveys by partners and principals. The results are under review. (Goal 3, Objective 2, Strategy A, Step 6)
  • Information is being publicized to the District’s middle and high school Career Tech students about College Credit Plus, as well as other college, scholarship and internship opportunities. This has been accomplished through PA and PTA meetings, as well as presentations on site. More CCP and CTE options for students are being explored. (Goal 3, Objective 2, Strategy B, Step 2)
Goal 4: Valued Professionals and a Culture of Excellence
  • In order to ensure all District staff members consistently demonstrate CHUH expectations, a new Employee Code of Conduct (ECOC) is being rolled out. The goal is to clarify expectations, increase employee consistency, and reduce the number of disciplinary actions. Principals have been releasing two areas of the ECOC each month since September. Additional training is in development. (Goal 4, Objective 1, Strategy A).
  • The District is in the process of attracting a diverse cadre of new staff members, by attending job fairs, reviewing comparative hiring practices from other school districts, and building a standards-based interview protocol for hiring. (Goal 4, Objective 2, Strategy A)
  • Another key component of the District’s plan is to strengthen staff skills and support an expectation for high achievement. This will be accomplished, in part, through providing professional development opportunities, conducting exit interviews, and ensuring high levels of accuracy in state reporting. In order to achieve this, an exit interview protocol is in development, and an internal audit of student data has been completed. (Goal 4, Objective 3, Strategy A/B/C)
Goal 5: Operational Resources
  • 500 new Chromebooks have been purchased for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (Goal 5, Objective 5, Strategy B)
  • Plans are in process to convene quarterly meetings to plan, evaluate, and ensure the effective use of entitlement funds. (Goal 5, Objective 5, Strategy C)
  • Preparing a PAFR (Popular Annual Financial Report) for the end of current school year.
  • Assessment and revision of instructional spending data completed.

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