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Strategic Planning Committee to Inform District's Future

Strategic Planning Committee to Inform District's Future

Members of the newly-formed Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) held their first meeting Tuesday, January 13 at the Board of Education to begin working with the District and the Board to develop a five-year Strategic Plan for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District.

CH-UH Superintendent Dr. Talisa L. Dixon welcomed the committee and introduced Committee Chair Saroya Queen-Tabor. Comprised of parents of current and former CH-UH students; alumni; Heights High students; faculty; staff; community partners; board members; and consultant Amy Morgenstern, President of Main Stream Enterprises, Inc., the SPC confirmed its charge to develop and recommend a proposed plan to the Board and dove right into the first phase of the work: to hear from CH-UH stakeholders.

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeThe SPC’s role is to assist in developing the District’s five-year Strategic Plan. Among the planning objectives are to:

  • Articulate and align stakeholders around the District’s vision, mission, values and guiding principles, strategic priorities and limited number of measurable goals.
  • Confirm implementation details to support achievement of the desired results.

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeThe Strategic Planning Committee helped identify stakeholders to participate in eight facilitated discussions, currently underway, that include a variety of perspectives —among them: CH-UH parents and students, CH-UH residents whose children attend private and charter schools, community partners, clergy, realtors, elected officials, and District teachers and staff.

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeThe District will also conduct online surveys to hear from a larger number of students, parents, staff, and alumni, and will host a community meeting to pose additional questions based on what was heard via the facilitated discussions and online surveys.

The SPC’s formation and their work ahead supports points made in Dr. Dixon’s First 100 Days ReportXổ số Thị trưởng Sakae (presented at the December 16 Board Meeting): “to develop a five-year plan for this District with all of the key stakeholders.” As Dr. Dixon stated in the 100 Days Report, “With this support I believe this district can execute a plan that delivers results in both the short and long term.  It’s going to take a commitment from everyone to see it through.”



Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeSaroya Tabor (CHAIR) Active parent and school volunteer

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeDallas Schubert – Active Parent and school volunteer

Jane Harris – Link Director of Parent Engagement

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeMark Storz – John Carroll University, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Susie Kaeser – Volunteer, Public School Advocate

Pam Cameron – UH Council

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeJeff Coryell – CH Council

Krista Hawthorne – Executive Director of Reaching Heights

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeJudge Deane Buchanan – Cleveland Heights Municipal Court


Eryn Bernard, 11th grade

Akash Bartlett, 10th grade


Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeDesiree Caliguire-Maier – IB Program Specialist

Teresa Ware – Teacher at Noble

Ari Klein – Teacher Union President

Bob Swaggard – Coordinator of Ed Services (secondary)

Erica Wigton – Canterbury Principal

Allison Byrd – Director of Data, Research and Assessment

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeScott Gainer - Chief Financial Officer

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeAngee Shaker – Dir. of Communications

Dr. Talisa Dixon – Superintendent

Xổ số Thị trưởng SakaeBOARD MEMBERS:

Eric Coble – Board Member

Nancy Peppler – Board Member


Amy Main Morgenstern – President, Main Stream Enterprises, Inc.

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